corporate cases

​For corporations, employee misconduct/dishonesty, lack of due diligence, and missing workplace violence protocols can wreak long-term damaging effects.  Our security consultants are experienced in training your staff for a variety of workplace situations, from violence awareness to travel security.  For legal firms, private investigators and security consultants provide that much-needed third party asset in building support for both civil and criminal cases.  We can help you:

  • Develop and train workplace violence/active shooter emergency policies

  • Find tangible evidence for litigation

  • Locate current/former employees

  • Gather competitive intelligence

  • Verify authenticity of worker's compensation claims

  • Identify potential whistleblowers

  • Locate witnesses for a civil/criminal suit

  • Conduct background checks

  • Locate bank/brokerage accounts, vehicle/aircraft/watercraft assets, real estate assets, and more 

Hiring a private investigator and/or security consultant may be one of the most valuable investments you make.  whether you are an individual with a personal case request, or a business with a need for a consistent service provider, fulcrum solutions can help.

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personal cases

​Hiring a private investigator for your personal case gives you peace of mind that a wide range of informational and technological resources are now concentrated on helping you find the answers you need.  Information that might have taken you months to gather is now available to you in days.  We can help you:

  • Vet child-care or housekeeping candidates

  • Vet potential tenants, service providers or contractors

  • Locate a long-lost family member

  • Find an old acquaintance's contact information

  • Conduct short- to long-term infidelity investigations

  • Build evidence for child custody or welfare investigations

  • Locate foreign bank accounts

  • Verify an individual's identity

  • Prevent identity theft

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